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About Yōjō Nourishment

Yōjō (養生, pronounced yoo-joo) is an ancient concept which was used in the cultures of Far East to promote a healthy life, mainly by nourishing the body and spirit. It owes its origins to the teachings of ancient Chinese thinkers combined with elements of Taoism. Between the 7th and 10th centuries, Yōjō theories reached Japan, where they were most popular in the Edo era (1603-1867). Among many elements, the key was a proper diet, and the main goal was to achieve health and longevity through one's own efforts and self-limitation, in accordance with the recommendations of the theory.

The concept of Yojo has become an inspiration for us to offer you natural products to nourish your body, both physically and mentally.

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Selection of 5, 10, 15% CBD oils


  • Produced using Full Spectrum extract containing a full range of substances naturally occurring in hemp - including cannabinoids. In order to obtain the extract, the plant raw material is processed only as much as necessary. The extract used to produce our oils is obtained through CO2 extraction method, ensuring high product purity.

  • Unlike many other distillate oils, isolates contain acidic forms of cannabinoids naturally occurring in the plant, such as CBDa, CBGa and THCa.

  • Dark color indicates the presence of a naturally cloudy extract with phytochemicals naturally occurring in the plant.

  • Safety - they are laboratory tested.

  • They are produced in Poland, using Polish hemp and MCT oil from the EU. The hemp used for production comes from organic farming.

Other products

Yojo Nourishment portfolio will be gradually expanding. Next high quality natural products will include:

- essential oils,

- supplements,

- cosmetics.



Lwowska 9 

22-600, Tomaszow Lubelski


+48 601 899 836

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