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Cannabication - About us



Our main goal is to provide natural hemp derived products of the highest quality.


We aim to build long-term relationships based on trust. That is why we always require appropriate documentation and certificates confirming the quality of the products we offer.​

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We try to regularly update our knowledge, enriching it with the latest information related to the industry of natural hemp products. Thanks to that, we are always able to offer our clients services at the highest level.

We believe that it is worth to share the knowledge with our existing as well as potential business partners. That is why on our website you can find Scientific materials section in which we collect various related articles and publications.



As Startom (our legal entity), we have been involved in the distribution of natural hemp products under the Cannabication brand. We have been operating on this constantly developing market since 2019. Since the beginning of our existence, we have successfully built close relationships with various suppliers and customers. Cannabication raw materials are used in supplements, cosmetics, oils, e-liquids, pet products and more.



Cannabication is characterized by high flexibility. We are not limited to our current product portfolio. We constantly enrich it with new products to match the market trends. We often look for new products and ingredients at the request of our regular customers. We try to be attractive to both large and smaller businesses. We operate a both wholesale and retail supplier.


Do you need natural hemp raw materials? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We canna your biz!

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